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My Care is a full service product development & manufacturing company focusing on design research of Prosthetic & Orthotic as well as Orthopaedic & Diabetic Shoe Care Products. My Care's Engineering & Product development staff has decades of experience in design & manufacturing with great attention to innovation project management & superior customer service.



  • ​Artificial Limbs (prosthesis) for Amputees.

  • ​Orthosis for all parts of the body.

  • Preventive Bracing for post-operative.

  • ​Patient's Assessment who often have Complex Physical Impairments.

  • Treatment & Rehabilitation of Clients through the provision of Orthotic & Prosthetic.

  • Best Foot care with all types of Corrections.

  • Mission



    Our Mission is to “Enable the Persons with Disabilities to overcome their physical limitations"
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