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Foot Correction Specialists in Hyderabad

Are you suffering from heel pain ?

Are you suffering from foot pain ?

Are you suffering from ankle pain ?

Are you suffering from knee pain ?

Are you suffering from back pain ?

Are you suffering from hip pain ?

Get yourself a footcare examination today!!! @mycaremedical

Please visit " My Care Prosthetics and Orthotics Medical Center " for free "Patient Assessment"

we are located near fever hospital, Tilaknagar road, Nallakunta Hyderabad

We have got experienced Foot Correction specialists who examine your feet leg & ankle issues and accordingly prepare the best suitable hand made footwear with the required foot corrections. Patients with Short leg flat feet club foot ctev genu varum genu valgum plantar fasciitis knee pain toe walking limping issues.

My Care Medical Center can be contacted we help resolve all your issues related to foot ankle leg deformities. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort with your feet or shoes, you may contact our footcare specialist.

As an orthotic and footwear specialist, he is trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics and is an expert in modifying, designing and fitting custom foot orthotics, regular and orthopaedic footwear. We will help you find the right footwear solution for any occasion to meet your unique needs

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